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Fit For Founders & Startups 

Founders, Inventors, Executives, Business Owners & Investors. makes the immigration process easy and convinient.

Follow Your Heart To The Home It Chooses.

An adventure of a lifetime starts with a stamp.

There are a lot of nuances that go into preparing a successful Immigration case. It's important to have the right attorney-partner by your side as your through this life-changing process. The team has walked beside hundreds of employers & immigrants just like you. We understand the legal nuances, as well as the personal challenges of this move, and are always a text, phone call, or an email away.

8-Step Plan To Your American Dream

Step-by-Step, we get there together.

Step 1: Define your Business Plan

Step 2: Find a U.S. sponsor or launch a U.S. company
Step 3: Enter the U.S. on a work visa & Launch 
Step 4: Grow your career & brand
Step 5: Apply for Green Card
Step 6: Grow your company
Step 7: Stay Out of Trouble 
Step 8: Apply for Citizenship

How We Work


We will have a meeting to make sure you qualify for what you are seeking.

2. Design

We have a strategy meeting to get details about you and your company.

3. Inspire 

We share documents, contracts, and letters for you or others to sign.

4. Create

You sign all final documents & launch your new journey!

First, Enter the U.S. on a Temporary Work-Visa to launch

Depending on your qualifications, we will apply for one of these visas so you can enter the U.S. & begin working.


Extraordinary Talent Visa

O-1 is for individuals in business education, and sciences.  If you have won a major award, or have a VC-backed company, you meet the criteria.