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Immigration Law Services:

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L1 allows companies to transfer Executives, Managers, or professionals with Specialized knowledge to the United States to open or work at a new branch, subsidiary, or affiliate office. We can help you with all the business stuff too. 


This is an investor visa for treaty partners of the United States. If you are a Citizen of a treaty counry, then you may qualify for U.S. work-visa with a $100,000 investment in a business of your choice. We can help you with the business stuff too. 

Green Cards


Extraordinary Talent Green Card is for those who have received national and international acclaim. 


Executive Green Card was specifically created for multinational executives and managers interested in starting a business in the United States. 


Specialized Skill Green Card is a way for U.S. businesses to bring foreign employees that are needed by them. It's for those with advanced degrees, as well as ones with Exceptional ability, or for those who are seeking a national interest waiver. 

Entity Formation

Choosing the right business entity is the foundation of any successful venture. That decision affects everything from ownership, decision-making, liability, funding, hiring & financing to Taxes. 

Trademark Registration

Depending on what you are creating, think about protecting it & earning from it. Remember, your ideas & your creations are your most valuable asset. .

Copyright Registration

Depending on what you are creating, think about protecting it & earning from it. Remember, your ideas & your creations are your most valuable asset. 


Founder Agreement

Protect your professional marriage. State your rights and responsibilities clearly in writing.  We will draft the agreements that will help you avoid conflicts, misunderstandings, and disappointments that can doom your happy business marriage. 


Operating Agreement

An Operating Agreement is the most important document an LLC can have. In fact, it’s something I require all of my clients to have- and many states do as well. This document will prove that your business is in fact a business and that it should be treated separately from your personal assets. 



A Shareholder Agreement is a formal contract that sets out and explains the structure and nature of their relationship to the corporation and to one another. The owners & directors' interactions with one another are based on this agreement, so it needs to be strong yet simple, and clear. 

For Co-working

Employment Agreement

The Employment Agreement spells out the rules, rights and responsibilities for both parties and includes all Employment conditions like performance metrics, and any unique promises like paid vacation, and other special perks.




Independent Contractor Agreement

Whether are working with a contractor or you are a contractor, we have the right agreement for you. Our independent contractor agreements help everyone to know what work needs to be done, when and how it’s paid for, and who owns what. That goes a long way towards making a safe & smooth relationship.

Confidentiality Agreement

In a world where creativity is the new currency, co-creation is the new norm. Confidentiality Agreement can help protect your information in these situations by defining the scope of that sharing, create binding obligations on the parties, and provide enforcement mechanisms if the agreement is breached.

For Your Clients

Service Agreement

Any business that offers services to clients should have a services agreement. This help set the terms of the transaction and give you the means to control outcomes by determining payment schedules, approval processes, project timelines, and more.

End User

License Agreement 

A EULA sets out what end users can and can't do with your software. This is in addition to your website Terms & conditions. This could be something installed on a computer (through a download or physical media), a mobile device app, or a web-based application.


Extraordinary Talent Visa is for individuals in business education, sciences, athletics, arts, motion pictures,  or television. If you have won a major award, or have a VC backed company, you meet the criteria.

Business Law Services: 

Contracts: (48-hour turnaround)

For Co-owning

Business Law

Group Program


If you are working with a group rather than an individual client, this is for you. When you’re entering into a group collaboration such as this, it’s imperative that all expectations are managed sufficiently, so there are no hurt feelings or awkward conversations down the road.

For Your Website

Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions are required for business websites and are a set of rules and guidelines that a user must agree to in order to use your website or mobile app. It acts as a legal contract between you (the company) who has the website or mobile app and the user who accesses your website and mobile app.

Terms & Conditions

 Online Sales

This is needed in addition to your website Terms & Conditions. If the product is never delivered, who bears the risk of loss? If your work is copied, are you protected? Your customers must agree to this before purchasing which will lay out terms like your return policy, risk of loss, all disclaimed and implied warranties, and more.

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a statement or a legal document (in privacy law) that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a customer or client's data. It fulfills a legal requirement to protect a customer or client's privacy.

For Growing

Licensing Agreements

If you own Intellectual Property of want to use someone else's, we have the right agreement for you. Whether you are licensing music, art, writing, brands or inventions, we can work with you to create licensing agreements that help you seize opportunities and protect your interests.