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Reach for the stars & leave the legal stuff to us.

Practice Areas

Creative Law

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

At, we don't just understand creativity; we celebrate it. We believe that the law should empower your creative endeavors rather than stifle them. Our team of experienced attorneys combines legal expertise with a deep appreciation for the creative process. We're passionate about helping you protect your ideas, creations, and innovations while fostering an environment where your imagination can thrive.

Startup Law

Whatever you're thinking, think bigger.

From forming an entity to protect your dream with structure, registering trademarks and copyrights to protect your creations, drafting the right contracts to protect your most important relationships, to negotiating kick*** deals on your behalf, to fundraising, compliance, and tax planning, team is there. With so many rules, running a business can become stressful. Relax & leave the law stuff to us.

Immigration Law

An Adventure of a lifetime starts with a stamp.

Creative work often brings people to the United States to pursue their careers. At, we specialize in visas and green cards for extraordinarily talents in business, science, education, and the a. Whether you are an existing U.S. business looking to hire foreign employees, or a foreign resident looking to launch your new career in the United States, we have you covered.

Every creative business has legal questions.


We have legal answers.


Relax.  leave the law stuff to us.

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