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Creative Law

Focus on your creative genius.We will handle the legal stuff.

Everything legal for content creators and influencers.

Unleash your creative genius with creative lawyers by your side.

Law is our creative genius.

At, we don't just understand creativity; we celebrate it. We believe that the law should empower your creative endeavors rather than stifle them. Our team of experienced attorneys combines legal expertise with a deep appreciation for the creative process. Our goal is to empower digital creators and influencers to continue doing what they love while protecting their online presence and income. We understand the unique challenges of the digital landscape and offer legal expertise tailored to your needs.


Agreement Review
Sponsorship & Collaboration 

Collaborations with brands and other influencers are common in the digital world. Our legal team can review and negotiate sponsorship and collaboration agreements to safeguard your interests.

Content Licensing and Protection

As a digital creator or influencer, your content is your livelihood. We assist in licensing agreements to ensure that your content is used under terms that benefit you. We also help protect your content from unauthorized use or infringement.

Monetization Strategies

Whether through ad revenue, merchandise sales, or affiliate marketing, we help you develop and execute effective monetization strategies while staying within legal boundaries.

Entity Formation

We help you choose the right legal structure, whether it's an LLC, corporation, or partnership, to protect your personal assets and facilitate growth.

Privacy and Data


Digital creators often handle user data. We ensure that your data collection and use practices comply with privacy laws, protecting you from potential legal issues.

Legal Guidance on Sponsored Posts

Ensure your sponsored content complies with advertising regulations and is clearly disclosed to your audience.

Negotiation with Platforms

If you face issues with digital platforms, such as content takedowns or disputes, we can represent your interests and negotiate resolutions.

Content Ownership and Rights

Clarify ownership and usage rights of content in collaborations and partnerships, preventing disputes down the road.

Dispute Resolution

In case of legal disputes or copyright claims related to your digital content, we provide swift and effective resolution strategies.

Intellectual Property Management

We help you manage your online presence by registering and protecting your digital assets, including videos, photos, and written content.

What Our Creative Clients Say


Achieng Agutu 
Award-Winning Creator

Bahar was a calming and confident presence during the very difficult whole process and made sure that any concerns and questions were answered in a timely manner. I was always treated as a valued client, and I very much appreciate the knowledge and support I received through her and her team's services.

Monthly Legal Subscription Plans

Team up with us.

1. Choose a plan. 2. Relax.

We designed our Dream Programs for Creators who want to get proactive about the legal stuff and get it right the first time. We help our clients build better brands, protect relationships with contracts, set up the right type of business, and protect creations.  You will work one-on-one with an attorney to design a plan that suits you without spending hours sifting through bad information on the internet. 

Legal Support Monthly Plans.


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        Flat-fee legal services. 



Dream Builder

Monthly Plan, $2k value!

❓   Unlimited  written questions                 answered by an attorney per               month

📲  Quarterly Strategy Calls with              your attorney.



Dream Grower

Monthly Plan, $4k value!

 📜   5 Contract Reviews/month (Max         30 total pages)


❓   Unlimited written questions                  answered by the attorney per              month.


📲   Monthly strategy calls with                   your attorney.


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