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Dream Legal Plans

Legal protection & business growth strategies.

A health & wellness plan for your dream business. 

Dream With Us

1. Choose a plan. 2. Relax on our App.

We designed our Dream Programs for Creators who want to get proactive about the legal stuff and get it right the first time. We help our clients build better brands, protect relationships with contracts, set up the right type of business, and protect creations. 


You will work one-on-one with an attorney to design a plan that suits you without spending hours sifting through bad information on the internet. 

Dream big.



A-la-cart menu

        Flat-fee legal services. 



Dream Builder

Monthly Plan, $3k value!

 🕙  30 mins of attorney time monthly


🗄️   Annual filings and governance


📜   3 Contract Reviews/month


📝   2 Contract drafts/month


❓   2 written questions answered by         an attorney per month

📲  Quarterly Strategy Calls with              your attorney.

💸  20% discount on other added services.



Dream Grower

Monthly Plan, $8k value!


 🕙  2 hours of attorney time monthly

🗄️   Annual filings and governance


📜   10 Contract Reviews/month


📝   5 Contract drafts/month


 ⚖️  Contract Negotiations

❓   Unlimited written questions                  answered by the attorney per              month.


📲   Monthly strategy calls with                   your attorney.


💸   40% discount on other services.

How It Works

1. Dream 

We will have a call to get details about you and your vision for your company.

2. Design

We will design a plan & have another call to review your step-by-step execution plan.

3. Inspire 

We share documents, contracts, and letters for you or others to sign.

4. Create

You sign all final documents & move forward on your new journey! 

1. First, we onboard your business.

Select your dream plan to become a member.

We have created our affordable dream plans for creatives. Choose pay-as-you-go, or save money with a subscription plan. We have designed our Dream Builder plan for young companies >1year-old, and Dream Grower for more mature businesses. 


Our team will operate as an extension of your team. We are your general counsel working remotely and always at your fingertips.

2. Relax & connect on our app. team at your fingertips.

There are a lot of nuances that go into running a successful business. It's important to have the right attorney-partner by your side as you launch a creative business. Access services, place orders, request contract reviews, schedule an appointment, post questions, and so much more. All in one convenient app. 



Access our virtual firm.

Always have access to your files.

We are the generation of digital nomads and always on the go. Even if you are not on the go, you should be able to access your legal documents on your phone while laying in bed. We have you covered. 

Participate in our Community.


You will also participate in our community where you will participate in weekly Q&A sessions with our legal team get access to exclusive training, tips & a network of other talented experts. Here is how we will get started working together!



Are you ready to make your dream a reality?              





"As an international founder, I highly recommend this subscription model. It's cost-effective, predictable but on top of it all, it gives me the security and peace of mind to have specific expert attorneys assigned from a single firm."


Dr. Marina Dormacheva

Founder of 3D Smile 

Every creative business has legal questions.


We have legal answers.


Relax.  leave the law stuff to us.

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