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Intellectual Property

Your creations are your business's most valuable asset. Protect & monetize your ideas & creations.

Creations of the mind. 

Intellectual Property (IP) refers to the creations of the mind that are protected by law.

You can own, sell, or license your IP, but that you cannot touch. IP rights include copyrightstrademarks, patents, and trade secrets. Each of these types of IP is separate and distinct. All these types of IP may be important to your business. 

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, the potential valuation of a company lies not just in its physical assets but is based to a great extent on its ability to develop and capitalize upon a steady stream of new ideas and creativity. Time, money, and effort go into creating IP so make sure your IP is protected.



Trademark your brilliant brand & catchprases.

Your brand is your 2nd most valuable asset besides yourself. Legally empower your brand as an asset and leverage those rights for the greatest possible benefit.


Trademark registration provides crucial protection for your brand by preventing others from using a trademark that is confusing with yours. It can protect a word, phrase, symbol or design that distinguishes the brand. 


'Legal just called. That tune you are whistling is a copyright infringement."

Copyright law gives creators certain kinds of control over their creative work. If people want to use copyrighted work, they often have to ask for permission from the creator.

You've worked hard to create it. Now copyright it to protect it. It's important to file an official copyright registration because you can’t sue for infringement unless you’ve officially registered your work. 


Monetize your creations. Earn passive income with a Licensing deal.

In an IP licensing deal, you retain ownership of your copyright or trademark. Still, you give another party permission to use some or all of your intellectual property rights for a specific amount of time for a fee or royalty. 


Everything in life is negotiable including how much and for how long you will receive royalties on your creations. Our attorneys can negotiate the best terms to maximize benefits & earnings on your behalf.

Every creative business has legal questions.


We have legal answers.


Relax.  leave the law stuff to us.

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