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Reach for the stars & leave the legal stuff to us.

We will help you set-up your company & take care of your immigration case.

Immigration Law

An Adventure of a lifetime starts with a stamp.

Whether you are an existing U.S. business looking to hire foreign employees, or a foreign resident looking to launch your new venture in the United States, we have you covered. The most important point is that your own U.S. company may sponsor your Visa or Green Card Petitions.

Business Law

Are you ready to turn your superpower into a U.S. Business?

The most important point to know is that you may own a U.S. business without having a U.S. residency or immigration status or living in the U.S. Imagine the opportunities of owning and operating a U.S. business globally? 

How We Work


We will have a call to make sure you qualify for what you are seeking.

2. Design

We have another call to get details about you and your company.

3. On-board

We share documents, contracts, and letters for you or others to sign.

4. Support

You sign all final documents & launch your new journey with 2ndlaw!

Are you ready to make your dream a reality?              



" is simply the best legal solution. I feel so lucky to have met its founder Bahar. After meeting so many lawyers from different firms, I couldn’t believe how easy and personal the experience was. I was so happy with the results and have referred many people so far, because I know they will be in good hands."


Mika Newton 

Singer & Actress 

Dream big.



A-la-cart menu

        Flat-fee legal services. 



Dream Builder

Monthly Plan, $3k value!

 🕙  30 mins of attorney time monthly


🗄️   Annual filings and governance


📜   3 Contract Reviews/month


📝   2 Contract drafts/month


❓   2 written questions answered by         an attorney per month

📲  Quarterly Strategy Calls with              your attorney.

💸  20% discount on services.



Dream Grower

Monthly Plan, $8K value!

 🕙  2 hours of attorney time monthly

🗄️   Annual filings and governance


📜   5 Contract Reviews/month


📝   5 Contract drafts/month


 ⚖️  Contract Negotiations

❓   Unlimited written questions                  answered by the attorney per              month.


📲   Monthly strategy calls with                   your attorney.


💸   40% discount on services.


Every creative business has legal questions.


We have legal answers.


Relax.  leave the law stuff to us.

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