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        Flat-fee legal services. 



Dream Builder

Monthly Plan, $3k value!

 🕙  30 mins of attorney time monthly


🗄️   Annual filings and governance


📜   3 Contract Reviews/month


📝   2 Contract drafts/month


❓   2 written questions answered by         an attorney per month

📲  Quarterly Strategy Calls with              your attorney.

💸  20% discount on services.



Dream Grower

Monthly Plan, $8k value!


 🕙  2 hours of attorney time monthly

🗄️   Annual filings and governance


📜   5 Contract Reviews/month


📝   5 Contract drafts/month


 ⚖️  Contract Negotiations

❓   Unlimited written questions                  answered by the attorney per              month.


📲   Monthly strategy calls with                   your attorney.


💸   40% discount on services.

Pay-as-you-go Menu

Bundle & Save!

Everything you need to get going! 

New Startup Bundle

  1. Launch session to learn your mission and goals.

  2. Entity Selection & Registration

  3. Tax ID Number (EIN #)'

  4. Operating Agreement

  5. Owner Agreement 

  6. Website Terms & Conditions

  7. Privacy Policy

  8. Trademark

  9. Confidentiality Agreement

  10. 1-hour Attorney one-on-one Legal Crash-course in running your new business. 

New Coach Template Bundle

  1. Launch session to learn your mission and goals. 

  2. Website Terms & Conditions

  3. Privacy Policy

  4. Client Agreement

  5. Group Program Agreement

  6. Testimonial Release Form

  7. Confidentiality Agreement

Website Legal Template


  1. Website Terms & Conditions

  2. Privacy Policy

  3. Disclaimer

Immigration Law Services:

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Extraordinary Talent Visa is for individuals in business education, sciences, athletics, arts, motion pictures,  or television. If you have won a major award, or have a VC backed company, you meet the criteria.